Counter-Strike Anti-Cheat (Client-Side)

Over the years draining experience from every single moment, I understood better and better the serious problems about Counter-Strike. On top of the list was client-side cheating using 3rd party software known as “hacks”, so I made a bet against myself that I would defeat it in the communities I am working with. 1 week later, mid-late 2009 there was a tournament and that was it, the beginning of Atlantis Anti-Cheat, a client-side real-time monitoring software that scans the player’s computer for known hacks, taking and uploading screenshots during the game for post-game analysis, preventing anti-ss hacks and some other classified detection mechanisms that would eliminate the existence of cheaters in my community.

Now February 2013, the anti-cheat has finally become completely bug-free, compatible with almost every gamer’s computer, working as it should, generating over 5000 screenshots per day for public viewing, so anti-cheat teams won’t be needed nor demo analysis, every player can now check his fellow players out for cheating by simply viewing their screenshots.

However, every day new hacks are being created with their target to beat anti-cheat software like mine, maybe VAC was a failure but that doesn’t mean I can’t do their job right.

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