Internet and Anonimity

Is it possible to hide my existence on internet? You’re pretty much asking if you can exist and same time not exist.

However there are ways to make it much harder for someone to identify you on the web. The keyword here is “proxies”.

Proxy is the middleman between you and the remote server. But (there’s always a but) the data being transfered “you > ISP > proxy > proxy’s ISP > target’s ISP > target (remote server you want to reach out)” and backwards, that means if someone has access to ISP’s logs and activity can track you easily, that’s probably CIA level clearance and same level agencies.

They say be close to your friends and closer to your enemies, wise dude who ever said that.

Everything should be analyzed from the inside. So if I had all these clearances I would do:

1) create a time-window of the attack.

2) check target’s activity logs to find out which server was used as a proxy. (Let’s say we have different 1000 connections in the logs)

3) examine these 1000 connections and cross-check them with their own activity logs and and the results should be cross-checked within the time-window.

4) You have the original IP unless it was a proxy too, however the activity logs are much more to check but its still traceable. Using the same technique above, at some point you will get the original IP.

Of course original IP may have nothing to do at all with the attack, if the attacker has hacked into a wi-fi network or bluetooth or it’s internet cafe or public wi-fi. Then the digging goes way more, routers should be seized and checked for the latest mac addresses, cell towers will need to triangulate cell phones who were at the area within the time window and much more. Probably none will dig so far unless it’s critical.

Keep in mind all the above can be processed within seconds.

Satellites can be used too to define who was where and did what. There’s no way to escape unless they let you to.

Some advices to hide your tracks easily.
Wanna hide your IP to some site? Can happen, use a http proxy, or some secure sock4 or sock5 or use Tor network.
Never ever attempt anything illegal because if they want to get you, they will get you, house always wins.

Everything said was for educational purposes and should NOT be used for illegal activities.

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