TrueCrypt no longer supported

Hello fellow security conscious citizens of the Internet!

On the 24th of May 2014 the TrueCrypt Organization stopped the support and development of its industry leading encryption project called “TrueCrypt” which provided powerful encryption to thousands of computers claiming to have done that because Microsoft stopped windows XP support.

Well that’s bollocks if you ask me 🙂

Governmental agencies probably found these so called “anonymous” developers and either bribed or forced them to stop the development of TrueCrypt as it stonewalled governments from obtaining digital data and building cases against criminals, or they were bought off, what ever the scenario I highly doubt anyone with an average IQ believes the official statement of TrueCrypt.

Now the important things, alternatives to TrueCrypt? Many many many of them, so there’s no need to worry, just migrate from TrueCrypt to a similar OPEN-SOURCE application, similar to TrueCrypt is the DiskCryptor.

WARNING: In my opinion don’t even run or install TrueCrypt 7.2 because I believe it contains malware that could expose your data to 3rd parties that had to do with this security scandal.